The Rush

06th October 2017
The digital shriek of the alarm ripped through the silence of my deep sleep, all the louder in the dead quiet of my rural Clare room. Groggily shocked, I reached up to the phone to quieten the screaming banshee and fell back under the covers.

Should I get up? This bed is incredibly comfortable. I must get a heavy duvet like this for home. Sure what's another sunrise photo anyway? I'm getting a bit bored of the whole sunrise/sunset with foregrounds leading off to distant skies of varying degrees of interest kind of thing... I don't even know where to go. But what if it's great? The forecast was perfect. Clear all night but cloud moving in by morning. If the horizon is still clear...

Fuck it, this place is too cosy to leave. I'll give it ten minutes anyway. The alarm is always too early. Everybody takes ten minutes to snooze. We all know that... What was I dreaming about again? Careful now, don't fall fully back to s......

Some time later

Shit! How long was I asleep for? It still seems dark. I should get up. Why though? There'll be lots more sunrises. Why always this guilt? What's wrong with being comfortable in a warm bed? Some people don't even have such a luxury. It's probably too late anyway. I wonder what I'll have for breakfast? That bread will be stale, I'd better use it up. I'm still horizontal. Of course I am, I'm amazingly comfortable and quite sleepy. Jesus himself didn't have the kind of willpower it would take to rise from this bed. No wonder he got up out of that tomb, he was probably laid out on a rock. I wonder is the dog still asleep? Oh yeah, the sunrise... Sure go on, I'll just get up for a look out an east facing window. It's probably raining or something anyway. Then I can get back to this bed and enjoy a guilt free snooze...

Whoah! There it is - pale pink strips lining grey cloud. Is that a gap on the horizon? There must be some bit of one. The one time I predict the conditions right I stay in bed. Or is it the hundredth? Is it over? Or is it just starting? What time is it? Where will I go?? Better pull some pants on.

Minnie's awake, better bring her along. Come on girl! Don't dawdle now, we're already late. Where are we going? Who knows? It's too late to walk anywhere, better start the car. College Strand? Wouldn't be my first choice but I've not left myself with options. Damn that heavy duvet!

Why is this road so rough? Why is this shaggin car so low? I hope I don't tear out the sump. Mind the pothole! I should get a jeep. For this one moment I could potentially use one, which is already happening. It's getting good. Must just be starting then. There's still time. What lens have I on? T'will have to do. What's the tide? Full. That'll do too. As if I can do anything about it. Here!

Christ that's a lovely sky! Where's the composition? That ugly wall is in the way... Nope, still in the way. Fuck! It'll be over in a few seconds. There we go, not gonna win any awards with this one but it'll have to do. Where are the filters? Why do these rings never screw in right away?! Don't cross-thread it! There, that's it. Looks a bit cold with the filter in. WB... There we go, remember to look past the camera! You have eyes and a brain after all. It'd be worth being here even without all the gear. That said, I'm glad it's given me more reason to make the effort...

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