Going East Again...

14th January 2017
The fine weather that ushered Ireland into 2017 eventually broke and normal service resumed. The past few days have been cold and the stormy northwesterlies brought big seas and fresh snow on the hills. I headed out with the camera with the aim of photographing the latter but kept getting draw again and again to the former. I haven't had time to put in a full day in the hills recently but it's quite easy to get a quick fix of the sea where I live. And it's been quite energising to be near it these past few blustery days.

After last winter's meteorological horror show Jasmine and I were determined to escape to sunnier climes this dark season. So we're going to Thailand and Cambodia for the coming six weeks. The idea hung around for quite awhile but we didn't end up booking anything until a few weeks ago. Between trip research, tidying up odds and ends, making the home ready for house-sitting friends and packing and repacking we've been busy. Hence the lack of time for days in the snowy hills.

Recent time outside has been enjoyable though, with a life-giving energy in that gusty air and spiralling sea spray. There's a spot along the cliff walk near Baile na nGall that takes a hammering in a big northwesterly swell, and on Friday it was putting on as good a show as you could hope for. Not only were the heavy sets big and heavy but the setting sun was also out to light their crashing on the cliffs.

Salty magic

Getting weathered

Unless the wind is blowing offshore the chances are you're going to get salty watching a spectacle like this. Friday's wind was driving the spray right over the cliffs, making camera work tricky. Tripod? Yeah right! ND grad filters? Not a hope... I ended up with my smallest lens on (Canon 50mm f/1.8) to minimise the chances of spray on glass and worked to the constraints as best I could. In the end it didn't matter to me much whether or not I got some take home photos - it was enough to be out there watching it. All the winter blues were blown away and my imminent departure made the scene all the sweeter. Ireland has plenty going for it and I'll miss it while I'm away.


It's all getting a bit repetitive by now but I love it!

I've always been more interested in cold climates than hot ones, especially when it comes to photography. As such I don't really have any ideas in mind about what to photograph in South-East Asia, which is probably a good thing. Expectations can be very limiting. Despite being an amazing trip, the Sikkim expedition a few months ago (which I'll eventually get around to writing up here) didn't leave me with many images I feel terribly attached to, so I'm interested to see how my photography pans out for this trip. It seems that what's close to home holds the most space in my heart.

The snow receding at Lispole

On the off chance anybody reading this had planned on ordering something from the website in the near future be warned that this is a one-man show and the man is now away!

I hope the rest of the winter is kind to you.

See you in March.

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