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04th January 2015
After seeing this blog by Gareth McCormack I thought I'd do my own run down of some favourite photographs from the last twelve months. I've been holding back a lot of images over the past two years as I have plans/hopes to produce a book and I'd like it to have plenty of fresh content. So some of my favourite favourites aren't up on the site but of what is here so far here's what I really like from 2014.

Nohoval Cove

Between jetlag and staying up on new year's eve I woke very early on the morning of the 2nd of January. After looking outside to see what the weather was doing I decided to chance trying to make some pictures on the Cork coast. I'm glad I did!

Wave Worship

Last January was incredibly stormy in Ireland, with swell records broken over and over and massive damage done in coastal communities throughout the country. On this particular day Ireland was getting a total hammering. Clogher Head seemed as good an area to go to as any. We were pretty safe 60m above the sea though the ground shook when waves like this exploded and the spray was blown over us when the bigger sets rolled in. My camera got quite salty that day...

Blue Tit

The joy of winter in Ireland is that you can make photos throughout the day and always have low light. The morning and evening that I got this photo were spent making landscape images while I concentrated on birds during the middle hours of the day. Pictures of blue tits aren't rare but I love the lines in this image. Plus, getting near to most wild animals is tricky so any wildlife photo that still looks good without being a close up is great!

In Awe

Another one with Brian, this time in the sunnier Spanish climate. A last minute decision cancelled our winter mountaineering plans and saw us climbing the amazing towers of Riglos for a week in February. This image was made after our first day on the rock. While finishing dinner I noticed the sun seemed ready to make an appearance. Luckily we'd chosen a scenic spot to camp in!

Scurvy Grass

Made on a trip to Loop Head at the beginning of spring. Easy but I like it. When this plant starts to flower you know summer isn't too far away.

Sea of Sandstone

Compared to the 2013 climbing photography blitz last year was a fairly quiet one. I did get this image of Rich Cussen climbing at the Seven Heads though. One of my preferred climbing pics to date.


One of the best places for wave watching I know of is off the end of Loop Head. I'd been focusing on birds but kept getting drawn to that glistening emerald when the sun came out.

Escaping the Wave

And here's one of those bird ones I mentioned. Herring Gull above a big breaker.


I moved back to Loop Head for summer 2014. After a failed attempt at kayaking around the peninsula one evening I rushed back to Ross for the last of the light of an amazing sunset. Though I wasn't pointing the camera in the direction of the most spectacular sky the composition here made for a happy compromise.

Skellig Gloom

Grainy, soft, dark... But I like it for all that. Made coming back from Skellig Michael on a summer evening.

Rosy Glow

I lived close to these cliffs for the past two summers. Though it can feel repetitive going out to the same area with a camera it's a lovely way to get to know a place and makes it so sweet when everything comes good. The light on this morning was that rosy glow that seems to come from within the landscape. Moving back to suburbia after a summer living here was a shock to the system!

The Green Room

Will and I on our Rinevella to Kilbaha coasteering trip. This was a super special evening. We'd both spent the previous two summers looking into this cave from the other side. To get to the inside of this feature was like rediscovering the landscape.

Stag in the Rain

I spent a day in Killarney National Park for the deer rut in October. It was dark and showery and I was struggling to get anything sharp with an ISO of 800 and maximum aperture of 5.6 under the canopy of the forests. As the day progressed the weather worsened but I managed to get this image before some biblical rain sent me home. Moments previously this stag was roaring but I wasn't quick enough for that one. All the same I really like this image. I don't usually make many good ones (or any) when it's lashing rain.

Beara Magic

Right time, right place. I'm still feeling the satisfaction from this one.


Photo comment By karen stewart: Stunning...
Photo comment By Michael Kearney: Wonderful photographs ... Each and every one is simply superb. The stag is magnificent in all its glory looking straight at the lens and saying "you have ten seconds to take this picture .. Don't you know what time of the year it is ..... sssssmmmmmell that ...... Now I'm off . . I have business to attend to.

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