Summer's Here!

04th June 2013

A sure sign of summer - sea thrift at Downpatrick Head, Co. Mayo.

I've had a busy few months since I last wrote anything up here. It seems my run of bad luck with the camera ended soon after the last item in this news section - it's been all go since!

My main focus with photography for the last three months has been climbing. I've a little project in mind for the end of the year and it's motivating me to get out and make good images of people climbing Irish rock. Which is harder than you might think! Trying to give an idea of the surroundings, make sure the person stands out (bright t-shirts crucial!), portray the feelings of the climber (through facial expression and/or body position) and display the sense of exposure on the cliff, among other things, can be a tricky balancing act. And that's not to mention the usual ingredients for good photography (interesting light, strong composition, image sharpness) or the fact that you often have to do all this while hanging on a rope somewhere on the cliff (the setup of which can also be a bit of a job). I'm loving it though; it's a very rewarding procedure when it all goes to plan and it's great to be trying to portray such a big part of my life in pictures.

Lines and Light: Damien O' Sullivan climbing Sunstone, Ailladie, Co. Clare.

In March I mentioned that I was frustrated by being stuck in the city. Thankfully I can't complain much about that these days! I'm still based in Cork but having quit the day job I now have more time to get out and enjoy the coming of summer. I'm just back home after a brilliant week around Down and Antrim and have plans to head west tomorrow. It was a tough decision to quit work but I'm a firm believer in doing what makes you happy and not sacrificing that because the status quo dictates otherwise. Life is too short to waste time doing things you don't like. Of course the reality of money can't be ignored but I think it's important to never forget what's really important in life; happiness! I've a few months work lined up in Clare for the summer which I'm really looking forward to. Nine weeks around Loop Head should be very productive for my photography, as should the few weeks of free time between now and then. This is a beautiful time of year; the long evenings, the misty mornings, the greening woods with their shaggy bluebell rugs, the swifts and swallows and millions of wildflowers in the hedges and meadows... it's a time of great energy and beauty and I want to get out and live it. My camera will be coming with me.

Thunderstorm and sunlight on the River Laune, Co. Kerry.

Rathlin Wall, Fair Head. No other climbing destination inspires me more than here.

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